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Sonoma Valley Hospital

CEO Search Underway

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The Sonoma Valley Health Care District is currently conducting a search for a new CEO to replace Kelly Mather, who will be leaving at the end of the year to take another position. The Board has retained WittKieffer, an executive search firm with considerable experience in recruiting hospital and healthcare senior executives. WittKieffer has developed a Leadership Profile document that explains the responsibilities of the position for those interested, and provides background information on the Hospital. A copy can be found here. Anyone interested in learning more, or willing to share their thoughts on what the Hospital needs to consider in hiring a CEO, can contact WittKiefer executives at

The Opportunity

Sonoma Valley Hospital (SVH) seeks a dynamic, accomplished executive to serve as its next President/Chief Executive Officer to lead this vibrant organization nestled in California’s beautiful Sonoma Valley known for its wineries, friendliness, and rustic charm. The current CEO, Kelly Mather, is taking a promotional opportunity with BayHealth, the development company jointly owned by University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Health and John Muir Health, after ten years serving in the CEO role with Sonoma Valley Hospital.

Located just an hour northeast of San Francisco in Sonoma, California, Sonoma Valley Hospital serves a population of approximately 42,000 located in the Sonoma Valley Health Care District and is the full-service acute care hospital for the region. The hospital generates nearly $50 million in net revenue with 350 dedicated employees. Sonoma Valley Hospital serves the community’s health care needs, offering top-rated and compassionate emergency services and quality healing care and guidance throughout the lifelong arc of health care needs.

Sonoma Valley Hospital has a growing affiliation with UCSF Health, a top-rated medical center in California and nationally, according to U.S. News & World Report. This affiliation strives to improve healthcare for Sonoma Valley residents by combining the specialized expertise and resources of UCSF Health with the community care focus of SVH. The relationship will continue to grow over the next five years as the hospital becomes a more integrated part of UCSF’s Bay Area network and jointly develops strategies that will offer convenient, more efficient and lower cost access to healthcare for the community. Several UCSF Health physicians will provide services through telemedicine or a satellite clinic in the hospital. SVH will be seen as an extension of UCSF Health and this will draw patients to Sonoma Valley from throughout the North Bay.

The new CEO will be expected to innovatively craft and leverage the relationship with UCSF to capitalize on the opportunity to develop destination programs at SVH. She/he will embrace patient access to care and growth as core business strategies and be accountable for engaging board members, community members, leadership, physicians, and employees around a well-articulated vision and strategy for the future of Sonoma Valley Hospital. The CEO will be responsible for achieving the organization’s mission and ensuring continued appropriate access to high-quality care for Sonoma Valley.

The CEO will acknowledge the rich history and culture of the organization while building strong relationships with key stakeholders and donors to ensure the success of the hospital as it provides care to the community. A CEO who possesses the ability to inspire and execute change is essential to the organization’s long-term transformation through clear and sustained strategies for growth.

The next leader of Sonoma Valley Hospital will be a visionary and inspirational leader that can capitalize on past successes while preparing the organization for the future. The CEO will have an excellent track record of building strong physician relationships and organizational partnerships, combined with a performance-driven approach to operational and financial stewardship. The Board is seeking individuals with the ability to influence others to deliver exceptional patient care through inspiration, excellence, passion and data. The ideal candidate will have a deep appreciation for the mission, vision, and values of Sonoma Valley Hospital, and be a team leader/player who finds satisfaction in facilitating and nurturing the success of others. She/he will lead primarily through influence and will engage leadership at all levels of the organization to maximize the value and quality of the patient experience throughout the organization.

Organization Overview

To restore, maintain and improve the health of everyone in our community.

A trusted resource in providing exceptional, compassionate healthcare.

CREATING is shorthand for the values we prize as a hospital – Compassion, Respect, Excellence, Accountability, Teamwork, Innovation, Nurturing and Guidance.

Sonoma Valley Hospital

Sonoma Valley Hospital (SVH) is a 24-bed, full-service acute care hospital functioning as the sole community provider of acute inpatient care offering a 24-hour emergency room, inpatient services with an ICU, surgical services and outpatient clinical testing and treatment. As the healthcare industry continues to transition to outpatient services, in 2019 SVH responded by consolidating inpatient services on its third floor and reducing the licensed acute care beds to 24 from 48. SVH continued its CMS 4-star rating in 2019 and 2020. Additionally in 2019, SVH received Acute Stroke Ready certification from the Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality (CIHQ). Certification is given to hospitals that meet high standards of care for the initial treatment of stroke patients when quick action and proper medication can save lives and limit the long-term disabling effects of a stroke.

In recent years, the hospital has undergone extensive renovation including opening a new wing with a modern Emergency Department and Surgery Center along with completing seismic structural upgrades for this area. In 2019, the hospital began work on a new Outpatient Diagnostic Center which, when completed, will contain a state-of-the-art CT scanner and MRI. The hospital is fully accredited by the Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality (CIHQ), meeting national standards for healthcare quality and safety.

The atmosphere of the hospital is like the atmosphere of Sonoma. It is a warm, comfortable place of healing, known for its compassionate staff and dedication to the needs and expectations of its community. Their services address a broad spectrum of healthcare needs which are increasingly offered on an outpatient basis.

Sonoma Valley Health Care District

Since its inception in 1946, the Sonoma Valley Health Care District has served the healthcare needs of Sonoma Valley residents. The District opened a new hospital in 1957, which has been extensively updated and expanded over the years, and remains on the original site in downtown Sonoma. The hospital also has provided the resources and management necessary for many non-hospital health services for the community, including:
▪ A Skilled Nursing Facility (operated by The Ensign Group, Inc.)
▪ An Outpatient Physical and Speech Rehabilitation facility
▪ An Occupational Health service for employers
▪ Healthcare educational programs for the community

UCSF Health Strategic Partnership

In March 2018, SVH and UCSF Health signed an affiliation agreement to create an integrated health care network. The Agreement is part of a continuing commitment by UCSF to developing a Bay Area wide network of 20 hospitals with 5,000 physicians and a newly formed insurance subsidiary Canopy Health. In their recently approved 2025 Strategic Plan, UCSF intends to significantly expand their complex care programs and will rely on the network hospitals like SVH to provide additional patient capacity as well as other programs to further their strategic objectives.

This affiliation strives to improve healthcare for Sonoma Valley residents by combining the specialized expertise and resources of UCSF Health with the community care focus of SVH.

As part of the agreement, UCSF helped appoint a new Chief Medical Officer for SVH, Dr. Sabrina Kidd. Dr. Kidd has since aligned SVH’s quality metrics with those of UCSF Health, in order to share the same high standards of care.

Additionally, the UCSF Department of Neurology supports Sonoma Valley Hospital’s Emergency Department through telemedicine services and oversees its certified Acute Stroke Ready program. These services help SVH physicians assess complex neurological problems.

Looking ahead, SVH is building a new Outpatient Diagnostic Center (ODC), scheduled to open this fall. As a result of a hugely successful capital campaign completed in 2020, supported by the extraordinarily generous Sonoma community, SVH Foundation raised $21 million to build the new 20,000 square foot ODC. Coupled with its modern Emergency Department and Surgery Center, the new ODC will offer the best available imaging equipment with a 3 Tesla MRI, 128-slice CT Scanner, new 3D digital mammography technology, nuclear medicine, all cardiopulmonary imaging (EKG, echocardiography, treadmill/stress tests, pulmonary function lab, respiratory therapy) ultrasound and DEXA scan. Once the ODC is completed, UCSF physicians will see patients locally, order tests from SVH and have follow-up and post-op appointments in Sonoma. This is expected to draw additional patients not only from Sonoma, but from surrounding communities.

SVH will be opening its first phase of the new ODC in late 2020. This facility will bring 21st century diagnostic services to Sonoma Valley and serve as a diagnostic center for UCSF Health patients throughout the North Bay. It will create operational efficiencies, increase revenue and meet the needs of the community and region for years to come. Beginning in 2021, SVH will have diagnostic imaging technology as advanced as any provider in the North Bay at an accessible, convenient and desirable location.

The relationship with UCSF will continue to grow over the next five years as SVH becomes a more integrated part of UCSF’s Bay Area network and jointly develop strategies that will offer convenient, more efficient and lower cost access to healthcare for its patients. Several UCSF Health physicians will provide services at SVH through telemedicine or a satellite clinic in the hospital. SVH will be seen as an extension of UCSF Health which will draw patients to Sonoma Valley from throughout the North Bay.

Strategic Vision 2025

SVH has undergone a period of reinvention, moving from an independent, traditional small community hospital model toward a more sustainable role as a regional center for healthcare. Their vision is to become an outstanding regional center for healthcare and emphasizes affiliation with a large provider, continued emphasis on quality service, and increased access and partnership in outpatient services, while maintaining a focus on providing excellent, convenient emergency services.

SVH has identified four core strategic initiatives that will help to realize its vision for 2025.

  1. Create UCSF Health Outpatient Center: We will use our accessibility and efficiency to create a seamless patient experience with our partner, UCSF Health, and be recognized as their outpatient center in our region.
  2. Exceed Community Expectations, Especially in Emergency Services: Our Emergency Department is our core service to the community and we will continue to provide a place where people receive excellent care. We are trusted to provide the necessary emergency services our community expects.
  3. Become a 5 Star Hospital: As a CMS 4 Star hospital, we are already among the top hospitals nationally for quality and safety. We are committed to continued improvement to earn the highest ranking and become a 5 Star hospital, emphasizing our core values and the human experience.
  4. Provide Access to Excellent Physicians: SVH will continue to ensure our community has access to physicians locally and continue to bring specialists to the community so residents have access to the care they need close to home, including offering UCSF Health specialty services to the region.

Financing and Support

As part of the Sonoma Valley Health Care District, the hospital is supported primarily by revenues from services, augmented by taxpayer support in the form of a parcel tax supporting on-going operations, charitable bequests and donations. The Sonoma Valley Hospital Foundation plays an integral role in its fundraising efforts that are a primary source of capital planning for the hospital.

The first parcel tax was approved in 2002 and has been approved by the voters with a two-thirds majority mandate every five years. In 2017, the first attempt to renew the tax failed due to the new parcel rate proposed by the District. The tax rate was reduced in a subsequent election that same year and was approved. The current tax rate generates approximately $3.8 million dollars per year for the hospital. The current parcel tax expires in June 2022. A committee has been established to promote and advocate in the community for a new parcel tax.

In November 2009, the community passed Measure P, which granted a $35 million General Obligation bond to enable SVH to renovate and retrofit the facility to the state standards mandated for compliance by 2013 as well as build a new Emergency Department and Surgery Center wing to the hospital. This Bond issue was through Sonoma County who maintains the primary responsibility for the bond debt service. SVH is required to account for the liability and the long-term debt in its financials for accounting and reimbursement reasons. The hospital has no payment responsibility.

UCSF Health Affiliates Network

Through its current collaboration, Sonoma Valley Hospital is a member of the UCSF Health Affiliates Network, an entity designed with the purpose of aligning best providers throughout Northern California to extend UCSF Health’s mission – Caring, Healing, Teaching and Discovering – beyond its walls and into the communities of the patients and families served throughout the Bay Area. As such, the SVH CEO will have the opportunity to develop SVH’s relationship with UCSF Health, alongside these key affiliates in the North Bay:

Canopy Health

Launched in March 2015 as an affiliation between UCSF Health and John Muir Health, Canopy aims to provide a top-quality continuum of care across the San Francisco Bay Area through affiliations with primary care providers, community hospitals, top-tier academic medical facilities and medical groups. It serves as an alternative for patients and employers to Kaiser and other large local healthcare systems. In addition to its founding members, Canopy currently includes three physician groups and corporate shareholders – Hill Physicians Medical Group, Muir Medical Group IPA and Meritage Medical Network – representing more than 4,000 physicians in the Bay Area, as well as seven medical centers. As an Accountable Care Organization, Canopy Health partners with health plans to offer competitively priced insurance products. The network is licensed in Southern Sonoma, Marin, San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, and portions of San Mateo and Solano counties.

MarinHealth Medical Network

MarinHealth Medical Network is a non-profit, medical foundation with more than 150 expert physicians and other providers located at convenient clinics throughout the North Bay. MarinHealth has several practices in Sonoma including: Cardiovascular Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery, Pediatric Care, Primary Care, Urogynecology, Urology, and Vascular Medicine.

Meritage Medical Network

Meritage Medical Network (MMN) is a network of 700 primary care and specialist physicians in Marin, Sonoma, and Napa Counties. SVH participates with MMN and Marin General Hospital to provide a Western Health Advantage HMO product in the Sonoma Valley. SVH also participates with MMN and Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital to provide the SCAN Medicare Advantage HMO product in the Sonoma Valley.

MMN (originally known as Marin IPA) was formed in 1981 to organize the physicians of Marin County, California into an Individual Practice Association (IPA) that could accept HMO insurance risk contracts. Currently, MMN has relationships with eight hospitals in its service area, including Sonoma Valley Hospital.

Sonoma Valley Hospital Operating and Financial statistics

Position Summary

The Chief Executive Officer, in concert with its Board of Directors and leadership team, is expected to provide strategic and operational leadership that continuously enhances the delivery of high quality and cost-effective health care for the people of the Sonoma Valley. The CEO will ensure, through collaboration with the medical and administrative staff, efforts to foster a culture of clinical excellence with an unwavering commitment to the mission, vision and values. She/he assures that the organization is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and is expected to foster a workplace culture that promotes open communication and coordination among all constituencies, as well as a commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion. Under the authority of the Board of Directors, the CEO has overall administrative responsibility for managing SVH’s internal and external relationships to assure achievement of its mission and key strategies.

The SVH CEO is a highly visible position within the community and has a platform to significantly influence the future of healthcare in the Sonoma Valley. It is essential to possess a well-developed aptitude for community leadership and engagement to heighten awareness and the reputation of the hospital. In addition, it becomes especially important to enlist the support of a substantial and willing philanthropic community for future growth initiatives. The CEO will partner with a high performing executive team, an enthusiastic Board of Directors and the broader UCSF Health network to continue SVH’s legacy of high quality healthcare services.

The CEO, in partnership with the Board and UCSF Health, is expected to provide entrepreneurial leadership in identifying new programs and services that enable SVH to expand its reach and footprint more broadly across Sonoma County and the North Bay through collaborations and/or partnerships.

The next leader of SVH will be a visionary and inspirational leader that can capitalize on past successes while preparing the organization for the future. The Board is seeking an exceptionally talented and well-rounded leader with the ability to influence others to further SVH’s reputation for community wellness and patient-centric care. The CEO will have an outstanding portfolio of proven executive skills that includes an excellent track record of community of building strong physician relationships, combined with a performance-driven approach to operational and financial stewardship, as well as community engagement/philanthropy.

As part of the UCSF Health affiliation, at the November board meeting, the board is expected to approve a new Management Services Agreement whereby the CEO, CFO and CMO would become employees of UCSF Health. Under this agreement, the SVH CEO would continue to report directly to the SVH Board of Directors with a dotted line to the UCSF Affiliates President.

The successful Chief Executive Officer candidate will:

  • Leadership: Promotes understanding, communication and integration of the mission, vision and values. Develops, coaches and mentors leaders to fulfill responsibilities all the while driving for results and fulfilling applicable strategies. Works closely with leadership to manage projects and meet agreed upon timelines. Continuously leads the organization forward while maintaining an environment of openness, collaboration and safety.
  • Fundraising: Works closely with the Sonoma Valley Hospital Foundation to create awareness, strengthen the culture of philanthropy and raise funds for the organization. Assists in identifying and cultivating donors and providing ongoing stewardship. Is a liaison to the foundation board and actively participates in the leadership of hospital philanthropic functions.
  • Strategic Planning: Leads efforts in creating an annual rolling strategic plan and execution of the strategic goals. Regularly reports on all aspects of hospital strategy to ensure collaboration and engagement of the board, physicians, staff and stakeholders. Continuously seeks innovative approaches to business development and providing healthcare.
  • Board and Physician Relations: Builds a strong and collegial relationship with the board members and physicians. Ensures the board of directors are consulted on major decisions. Works closely with the physicians to maintain the highest quality of care.
  • Staff Engagement: Champions efforts to ensure staff are role modeling values. Creates a healthy and participative culture through regular communications and visibility. Inspires staff to provide the highest level of quality for patients or customers. Monitors staff engagement annually and oversees action plans for continuous improvement.
  • Quality & Safety: Inspires the entire organization to continuously improve processes and implement best practices. Ensures compliance with applicable laws and regulations by overseeing the review and prompt responses to reports. Cooperates fully in all quality and risk management activities.
  • Financial Management: Responsible for overseeing the development of the annual budget with Finance for board approval. Ensures achievement of financial targets while actively pursuing revenue enhancement and/or cost reduction strategies with mission integrity. Oversight of capital improvement and infrastructure projects.
  • Public & Community Relations: Develops and maintains strong relationships with the various partnering healthcare and community organizations. Serves as a spokesperson and representative for the hospital. Communicates regularly with community stakeholders to support a positive hospital reputation. Oversees communications and marketing activities.
  • Operations: Provides oversight and direction of all functions of the hospital including finance, nursing, ancillary services, information technology, quality, medical staff, human resources, facilities and marketing.
  • System: Works closely with affiliated partners on strategic goals and agreed upon improvement projects that enhance the wellbeing of all organizations involved. Ensures the hospital is an active leader in any decisions that affect the district.

Goals and Objectives

The following goals and objectives have been identified as priorities for this position:

  • Establish personal and professional credibility with the Board, physicians, leadership team, employees, and the community based on trust, collaboration and mutual support; be viewed as highly-engaged and effective. Provide a high degree of visibility, accessibility, and communication, both formal and informal.
  • Prioritize community engagement to heighten community awareness and enhance the hospital’s reputation to ensure a successful passing of the hospital parcel tax in 2022. Work with current and potential community donors to strengthen relationships with the hospital for future fundraising opportunities and a long-term capital planning strategy.
  • In partnership with the Board, lead a process to continue to support SVH’s new strategic plan and future priorities. Develop an executable growth strategy to enable the realization of a strong future path for the hospital in partnership with UCSF Health. Communicate the vision and strategy so that every employee understands the direction the organization is headed.
  • Develop a collaborative strategy to optimize the partnership with USCF Health for greater mutual benefit, ensuring top quality care and patient access across the Sonoma Valley.
  • Quickly establish rapport and trusting relationships with the medical staff and foster a spirit of inclusion and collaboration so all parties are working together to provide the highest-quality, cost-effective care. Recruit top-rated physicians to serve the community healthcare needs while enhancing physician satisfaction and engagement.
  • Create a plan to strengthen the financial performance of the organization by growing appropriate services with a sustainable business model to ensure the organization’s long-term success. Successfully complete and begin operating the new Outpatient Diagnostic Center providing enhanced imaging services to the community.
  • Engage community stakeholders in identifying healthcare services needed in the future to best serve the District; identify, develop, and build appropriate service lines for the community; maintain a highly visible presence and assert a positive influence on behalf of the organization in the community.
  • Establish a reputation of being regularly present, visible and engaged within the organization; effectively communicate, collaborate and connect with people in a genuine way to promote increased employee engagement.
  • Continue to support and develop the organization’s philanthropy programs. Serve as a resource and supporter to the Sonoma Valley Hospital Foundation to identify philanthropic causes, represent the organization to potential donors and effectively steward existing donors in the community.
  • Cultivate a high-performing leadership team by setting expectations, holding people accountable, and building a team environment that supports the size and complexity of SVH.
  • When appropriate, serve as champion and advocate of the electronic medical record transition and implementation, ensuring the right people, resources, and processes are in place for a successful installation, adoption and ongoing effective use.

Candidate Qualifications


  • Master’s degree in Health Administration, Public Health or Business Administration or related field, or equivalent is required.

Knowledge and Work Experience

  • A minimum of five years of senior executive experience in a complex acute care organization.
  • Position requires deep knowledge of healthcare, business acumen, inspirational leadership style, management of conflict, ability to lead change, understanding of healthcare delivery systems and economics, proven ability to execute strategies, and excellent organization skills.
  • Demonstrated success in promoting professional cultures that support teamwork, continuous improvement and patient engagement through effective learning strategies and methods to test change and ensure sustainability of improvements.
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills with the ability to communicate a clear plan/recommendation.
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities and have the flexibility to rapidly change direction.
  • Expert knowledge of health care delivery models, business and strategic planning, financial management, and organizational development. Firm grasp of current and future healthcare policies, practices, and trends affecting the industry in order to position SVH for success.
  • Experience leveraging financial and operational knowledge to lead, manage and promote the financial stability and growth of the organization; knowledgeable about the competitive landscape, proactively responding to opportunities and challenges.
  • Success in collaborating with physicians, perceptive of their needs, and skilled in establishing relationships of mutual respect.
  • Exercises good judgment, demonstrates effective critical thinking skills; makes high quality decisions in a timely manner.
  • Advanced ability to work collaboratively and effectively with executives of an academic medical center, external agencies, and other healthcare institutions.
  • Expert ability to establish and utilize metrics to drive excellence, support operations and facilitate integration.
  • Expert knowledge of capital and operating budget development and management, financial analysis, and reporting techniques.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Expert negotiation and influencing skills.
  • Highly advanced ability to build and maintain a climate of trust that inspires commitment to achieve organizational goals.
  • Demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion; experience with multi-cultural populations and communities with ability to interact and build relationships with various diverse staff and community members.

Leadership Skills and Competencies

  • Passion for excellence: Believes in exceptional patient care, sound operations, safety, experience, and service to the community.
  • Collaborative and team-oriented: A leader who appreciates honesty, integrity and transparency.
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills: Has an ability to communicate clearly and effectively to large groups, small gatherings, and individuals at all levels of the organization.
  • Embodies active leadership: Moves the organization towards national benchmarks in quality, safety and experience.
  • Change leadership: Is a model for change and resiliency. Takes a proactive approach to driving change and overall improvement. Shows a willingness to “roll up their sleeves” and get involved in the detailed financial operations when needed.
  • Transparent communicator: Flexibility of thought and willingness to actively listen to others for input and feedback. Has a genuine, open style and partners well with others at all levels of the organization.
  • Innovative and groundbreaking: Fosters a culture that embraces new ideas. Is able to move quickly while ensuring that others are able to see and follow that broader vision through communication and engagement.
  • Bias for action: Leads with a sense of urgency yet is able to help the team focus and drive toward results.
  • Decisive and collaborative: Is confident and able to make a decision and then communicate that direction effectively to all constituents. Makes decisions to move initiatives forward in a world of ambiguity. Is humble and collaborative, while not possessing a large ego.
  • Mission-driven: Brings a passion to her/his role and exudes positive energy and enthusiasm for the challenges and opportunities presented to them. Is able to motivate others and gain positive momentum.

The Community

Located just an hour northeast of San Francisco, the city of Sonoma offers the best of small town living with easy access to the urban amenities of the San Francisco Bay Area. Founded in the 19th century, this Southern Sonoma County city’s colonial past is on display in the town’s picturesque city center, where historic buildings coexist with modern establishments. Today, the vibe in this wine country community is relaxed and friendly. Sonoma’s charm is on display in the town center, where the Sonoma Mission and 19th century adobes sit on the plaza. Sonoma Plaza, the largest in California, is both a National Historic Monument and the lively hub of everyday Sonoma life. The center of the plaza is home to the city hall and a town park and the surrounding blocks are lined with dozens of eateries, shops, and tasting rooms.

Many of the restaurants in Sonoma are concentrated in the Historic Sonoma Plaza, as well as ample shopping and wine tasting opportunities. Just a few blocks from the plaza is California’s First Premium Winery, Buena Vista Winery. Sonoma is also known for its outdoor activities. The most popular activities among outdoor enthusiasts are hiking and biking, often along trails in the county’s 11 state parks and more than 50 regional parks. Most parks offer other diversions, including fishing, swimming, boating, equestrian trails, and camping. Sonoma is also great for biking along its many scenic roads while stopping along the way to wine taste. Another popular activity is the Sonoma Valley Wine Trolley, a vintage San Francisco Cable car that travels through Sonoma County, stopping at boutique wineries.

Tourism and agriculture are the major economic drivers for Sonoma Valley. The online travel site TripAdvisor recently ranked Sonoma County as the top wine destination in the nation, and second only to Tuscany in worldwide rankings. Wine, food, and nature enthusiasts will be right at home in laid-back Sonoma County. The vineyard growers are fifth generation and the wines are as diverse as they are delicious. Made up of 16 wine regions that span 47 miles from north to south, Sonoma County grows a variety of grapes. Quaint farming towns dot the region—home to first-class restaurants and quirky shops—and 60 miles of coastline and ancient redwood forests.

The population of Sonoma Valley Hospital’s primary service area is 42,000 and has remained stable since the 2010 census. The area has a significant and growing LatinX segment that today accounts for roughly 31 percent of the population in the service area. An estimated 25% of the valley’s population is over 65 years of age, compared to approximately 15% for the broader county. Similarly, the city of Sonoma population (10,000+) has a higher proportion of seniors than the rest of the county. Over the past 20 years, the city of Sonoma has experienced a significant influx of retired, affluent people who purchase homes, often as second homes, as they stage themselves to full-time residency. They come largely from San Francisco and the Bay Area. The population, particularly the retired seniors as well as the self-employed professional and investor class, is highly educated. They, along with other long-time 30-year plus residents, savor the rural, sometimes rustic atmosphere of an agricultural area increasingly cultivated to wine grapes, a culture into daily wine consumption and an appreciation of increasingly cosmopolitan foods. The behavioral attitude is laid-back and tolerant.

Educational opportunities exist for pre-school and K-12 students through public and private schools including two charter schools. There are also junior colleges located in Santa Rosa and Napa that are highly regarded for their excellent programs. In addition, Sonoma State University and Dominican University are located within 25 miles of Sonoma.

For additional information, please visit:

Procedure for Candidacy

Please direct all nominations and resumes to Mark Andrew or Luke Morris, preferably via e-mail, to Information that cannot be sent electronically may be forwarded to:

Mark Andrew
Senior Partner
Irvine, California
Phone: (949) 851-5070

Luke Morris
Irvine, California
Phone: (949) 851-5070

Organization Chart

All recruiting, selection, hiring, training, promotion, advancement, transfer, discipline, compensation, termination and all other terms and conditions of employment will be administered without regard to age, race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical condition, marital status, religion, physical or mental disability, medical condition, including genetic characteristics, citizenship and political activities and affiliation or any other characteristic protected by law.

The material presented in this leadership profile should be relied on for informational purposes only. This material has been copied, compiled, or quoted in part from Sonoma Valley Hospital documents and personal interviews and is believed to be reliable. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information, the original source documents and factual situations govern.
All images and logos used in this leadership profile were attained from Sonoma Valley Hospital and/or are owned by Witt/Kieffer Inc. via Getty Images.

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