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Seismic Support Letter Template

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Dear Senator Dodd and Assembly Member Levine,

I’m writing to ask for your help after I became aware of a state law that could have serious consequences for healthcare here where I live, in Sonoma Valley.

From what I understand, the law requires hospitals to upgrade ALL buildings so they can be fully operational following a major earthquake by 2030 – a requirement that would come at great cost to our community. 

What worries me after learning about this is that Sonoma Valley Hospital – my local hospital – will be hard-pressed to meet this requirement and it could put at risk the healthcare services that are deeply important to me.

For me and my family, I care most about these things when it comes to healthcare:

  • EXAMPLE 1 of your health needs or concerns (for instance, you might write: emergency services close to home
  • EXAMPLE 2 of your health needs or concerns (for instance, you might write: medical diagnostic and imaging services
  • EXAMPLE 3 of your health needs or concerns (for instance, you might write: inpatient acute care and elective surgeries

I’m concerned that if the hospital is forced to rebuild ancillary spaces and buildings that are not essential to providing any post-earthquake care to comply with this law, healthcare services that I rely on for everyday life will no longer be available in my community. 

A bill this year, SB 1339, if amended appropriately, could help Sonoma Valley Hospital, and others, preserve, improve, and enhance healthcare for my family and friends.

I hope you’ll consider revising the state’s hospital seismic law, so that healthcare can continue to be about the best way to serve people, safely. I ask you to actively support SB 1339 as a means of preserving access to healthcare in Sonoma Valley and other underserved areas of California.




cc: Honorable State Senator Pan, Chairperson, State Senate Health Committee

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