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Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are the most common source of vision loss for those over 40. The American Academy of Ophthalmology reports cataracts affect more than 24 million Americans age 40 and colder and, by age 75, approximately half of all Americans have cataracts.

Cataract symptoms typically involve a clouding of the lens of the eye over time that affects vision clarity. Surgery is recommended when vision is compromised to the point when the cataract affects everyday activities. With cataract surgery, the ophthalmologist removes the clouded lens and replaces it with a clear artificial lens.

There are two forms of cataract surgery – traditional and laser. Traditional cataract surgery involves using ultrasound and a small manual incision in the cornea to remove and replace the clouded lens. Laser cataract surgery is a newer procedure that involves using computer-directed laser technology to map the eye and cataract, and remove and replace the lens without the use of a surgical blade.

Both types of surgery are performed on an outpatient basis here in the hospital in less than an hour and are considered safe and highly effective procedures.

Three ophthalmologists with privileges at Sonoma Valley Hospital offer cataract surgery. Two, Dr. William Bartlett and Dr. Sophia Schluter, offer traditional cataract surgery. Dr. Michael Saidel offers both traditional and laser cataract surgery. For more information about each physician, click on the names below.

William H. Bartlett, MD
Michael Saidel, MD
Sophia Schluter, MD

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