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Dear Sonoma Valley Community,

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This July, we celebrate a significant milestone – the 10-year anniversary of our new hospital tower, encompassing the Emergency Department and advanced Surgical Suites. Over the past decade, this vital facility has been a lifeline for over 100,000 patients, providing critical care and support to our community.

The decision to build this new wing, which opened on July 14, 2014, stemmed from the need to address seismic compliance issues and ensure our hospital’s continued operation. This achievement was made possible through the unwavering support of our generous donors, the dedication of our hospital staff, and the commitment of taxpayers who have consistently backed our efforts.

As we commemorate this anniversary, we also turn our focus to promoting health and safety during the summer months. Summer brings unique challenges and opportunities for wellness, and we are committed to providing you with the information and resources needed to stay safe and healthy.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in Sonoma Valley Hospital. Together, we have built a facility that stands as a beacon of care and hope for our community.

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John Hennelly
CEO, Sonoma Valley Hospital

A Look Back: The Opening of the New Wing

On July 14, 2014, Sonoma Valley Hospital proudly opened the doors to its new Emergency Department and advanced Surgical Suites, marking the culmination of two decades of planning and effort. This new wing was essential to address seismic compliance issues and ensure the hospital’s continued operation for our community.

The Emergency Department, formally named the Marcia and Gary Nelson Family Emergency Care Center, occupies the first floor of the new 12,243 square foot tower. It features seven private patient treatment areas, a high-acuity area, a spacious waiting room, and a play area for children. The second floor houses the expanded Weill Medical and Surgery Wing with three state-of-the-art operating rooms designed for complex cases and larger surgical teams.

This significant upgrade was a true community effort, with invaluable contributions from our dedicated staff, generous donors, and supportive taxpayers. The new facilities have greatly enhanced our ability to provide top-tier medical care to the residents of Sonoma Valley.

Understanding Heat-Related Illnesses

Learn to recognize the symptoms:

Heat Exhaustion: Heavy sweating, weakness, cold, pale and clammy skin, fast, weak pulse, nausea or vomiting, and fainting.

Heat Stroke: High body temperature (above 103°F), hot, red, dry or moist skin, rapid and strong pulse, and possible unconsciousness. If you suspect heat stroke, call 911 immediately and try to cool the person down with water and shade.

A few notes from Dr. Cusick a board-certified emergency physician and the medical director of the Sonoma Valley Hospital Emergency Department

Q: What are common injuries or health issues during the summer months?

A: We do see quite a variety of ailments in the Emergency Department during the summertime, and most of them are preventable. Heat-related illnesses are the first that come to mind, but the increase in all outdoor related activities can bring other problems. For example, snake bites. Not just rattlesnakes either. For any snakebite, you should be seen by a physician. Insect bites, as you know, should go away after a few days. But if they do not, and appear to be getting worse, that can indicate infection, and you should be seen by a physician for that too.

Q: What is the most important thing we can do to keep our kids safe and health this summer?

A: Pool or water safety would be the number one priority. Keep your swimming pool locked so kids cannot access it unsupervised. When the kids are in the water, make sure you have a direct line of sight at all times.

The next most important safety need for kids is helmets. Anytime they are on anything wheels – a helmet is a must to protect that head.

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